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I last wrote in September about the ongoing exploration efforts at East Bull Lake for palladium. Part of the blog piece detailed some of the  many technical challenges involved in this type of project.  Bottom line is the platinum group metals  are very hard to find in economic quantities.

Today we announced a significant drill hole from our East Bull Lake project that had a wide zone of palladium dominant mineralization and a higher grade core.   This  type of mineralization is extremely hard to find anywhere in the world .  Hats off to our exploration team for their  work and perseverance.  The group led by Dave Peck has been stalwart.

Going forward we will be mounting a concerted effort to find an economic ore body at East Bull Lake. The fact that East Bull Lake is a highly prospective property cannot now be doubted. The location of the property is tremendously important as well. It is located just north of the TransCanada  an hour from one of the great mining centres of the world in Sudbury Ontario where currently platinum group metals concentrates are smelted.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other great properties in our portfolio including our Bannockburn Property ( which has some wide intercepts of disseminated nickel ) and our Makwa Mayville Property which has a large resource of nickel copper and platinum group metals.  Both these properties are of  significant merit and we will continue to attempt to unlock their value – particularly as the nickel market strengthens.

We look forward to the months ahead and doing everything we can towards  exploration success at East Bull Lake and our other properties.

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